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What Is An Ultrasound?

What is it used for?

An ultrasound can be used in different ways, depending on the type of ultrasound and which part of the body is being checked. A pregnancy ultrasound is done to get information about the health of an unborn baby. For Pregnancy Testing Services Dhanori, visit website and book an appointment. It may be used to:

  • Confirm that you are pregnant.

  • Check the size and position of the unborn baby.

  • Check to see you are pregnant with more than one baby.

  • Estimate how long you have been pregnant. This is known as gestational age.

  • Check for signs of Down syndrome, which include thickening in the back of the baby’s neck.

  • Check for birth defects in the brain, spinal cord, heart, or other parts of the body.

  • Pregnancy ultrasound is used to look at an unborn baby. The test can provide information about a baby’s growth, development, and overall health. To get best NT Scan in Dhanori, visit us.